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Comunico Group is a full-service communication agency, with a creativity soul and a solid digital experience. We are curious since birth, in 2002, and we’ve developed our skills thanks to projects of all kinds and for each types of industry. We are certified  ISO 9001: 2015 and we are part of thenetworkone and UNA.

Torino – Svizzera, 185 Bis
Milano – Via Legnone, 4
Vercelli – Via F.lli Laviny, 5
Londra – Arcadia Avenue, N3 2JU

+39 011 7652 621

Comunico Group

Comunico Group is a communication agency with a strong creative vocation and a solid digital experience.

We’ve been curious since when we were born – in 2002 – and our professionality has developed thanks to projects we’ve worked for in almost all sectors. We’re an ISO 9001:2010 certified company and we’re part of UNA and thenetworkone.

A team of 15 people ready to listen to brands, real protagonists of our stories. We’re very careful about not losing even a single word, because for a communication agency every detail is crucial.

agenzia di comunicazione torino


Massimo Gioscia Managing Direction - Creative

Massimo Gioscia

Creative Director
Fabiana Turolla Marketing Manager

Fabiana Turolla

Marketing Manager
Paolo Simonetta Head of Digital

Paolo Simonetta

Head of Digital
Lara Casadei Creative Staff

Lara Casadei

Senior Art Director
Andrea Monopoli Graphic designer

Andrea Monopoli

Senior Art Director
Federico Mottura IT Manager

Federico Mottura

IT & Web Manager

Sara Tamagno

Art Director
Chiara Di Taranto Social Media Manager

Chiara Di Taranto

Social Media Manager
Marialaura Bonvento SEO/SEM Specialist

Marialaura Bonvento

Google & Amazon Specialist
Elisabetta Prati Copywriter

Elisabetta Prati

Umberto Cisternino Frontend Developer

Umberto Cisternino

Frontend Developer & Pixel Specialist
mattia Santoro Comunico Group Graphic designer

Mattia Santoro

Visual Designer
Giulia Gamba Financial Account

Giulia Gamba

Piero Rigolone Media Specialist

Piero Rigolone

Media Specialist
Antonino Zito Managing Direction - Strategy

Antonino Zito

agenzia di comunicazione e web marketing Comunico Group

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