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Comunico Group is a full-service communication agency, with a creativity soul and a solid digital experience. We are curious since birth, in 2002, and we’ve developed our skills thanks to projects of all kinds and for each types of industry. We are certified  ISO 9001: 2015 and we are part of thenetworkone and UNA.

Torino – Svizzera, 185 Bis
Milano – Via Legnone, 4
Londra – Flat 40, The Pantiles,
Finchley Rd, Temple Fortune
London NW11 6XX

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Massimo Gioscia Managing Direction - Creative

Massimo Gioscia


Stand out or get extinct

Up to 40 years ago, Advertising was art. Dalì, Warhol, Lynch, Depero have signed ads that are still remembered today. What we often see today, instead, vanishes in an instant. We create worlds and languages ​​for our brands through pop-art, music, painting, poetry, representation. Artvertising means to stand out in order not to become extinct. Take a stand instead of merely positioning yourself. Let us imagine you.

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Fabiana Turolla Marketing Manager

Fabiana Turolla


Food Marketing

The concept of “good” can be interpreted according to different aspects: taste, appearance, nutritional properties, commercial potential, versatility. And the differentiation is further complicated if we think of the variability of our audience: consumers, chefs,, trade personnel of companies, buyers. We are specialists in capturing and representing the plus points of a product that are most relevant to each interlocutor and in distributing these contents through the most suitable channels.

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Antonino Zito Managing Direction - Strategy

Antonino Zito



We speak five languages ​​and, to the delight of our families (!), We are habitués of airports and hotels. It’s tiring, but beautiful. We are able to support the internationalization of our brands and to welcome brands from other countries in Italy. We are part of thenetworkone, the most important global network of communication agencies, and we have the skills, experience and curriculum to operate in Europe, the American continent and Asia.

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